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Winter time speckled trout on Sabine Lake

The key to catching speckled trout on Sabine Lake in the winter time is locating bait. The weather has been cold for awhile, but two or three days of warmer weather has been triggering the bite.  As the water warms up, it tends to get the baitfish (mullet) active and the sow trout are not far behind them. Look for any surface activity such as mullet jumping on the flats or even swimming under the surface. If there is bait, there is speckled trout.  The best methods this time of the year is by far is wade and drift fishing.  Fish your shallow flats with isolated shell and try to also fish an area where there is deep water near by. On the cooler days the speckled trout will move into bayous or drop offs. When it warms back up, the spceckled trout will head toward the flats to feast on mullet.  Afternoon fishing has been producing the most consistent bite. The speckled trout have been hammering the Flounder Pounder RAT FISH!! For any of you anglers who do not have one, i would highly recommend contacting Joe and Phill Ortiz at These ratfish can be fished slowly and have rattling eyes which is triggering the bite. Also many fish catching colors available! Fishing should remain to get hotter as Spring time is approaching, but for now pick and choose the warmer Winter days and you will be greatly rewarded.  Coffee ground cove still remains one of the better spots to catch reds and speckled trout!

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