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The testimonials herein have been provided by my valued customers.  I am extremely grateful not only for their trust in me to provide them with a safe, enjoyable and memorable fishing trip on Sabine Lake, but for their time and effort to put forth an endorsement of their experience to further benefit my credibility of my business.  In the near future, we will also be providing video testimonials as I have been advised that people, like you, that are possibly looking to spend their hard earned money, could possibly be more persuaded to do so by watching and listening to someone just like you, that had a fantastic and memorable fishing trip with me.  Thanks for viewing this page and I hope to be sharing your story soon.
Capt Robby Trahan









Robby, I wanted you to know Matthew & I enjoyed the trip last Monday. Thank you for your patience helping make a memory that my Grandson and I will never forget. When we were leaving Matthew said Paw-Paw we are going to have to do this more often. I told him I agreed, but he might have to get a job (Ha.Ha). We had a fantastic time.


Carey Herring








My husband I booked our very first guided fishing trip with Captain Robby Trahan. Neither of us had ever gone on a guided fishing trip and didn’t know what to expect. Because I waited a bit too late to book our trip, most of the guides were already booked for the weekend we would be in Port Arthur. However, one of the guides who was booked offered to try and find someone for us. This is how we found out about Robby Trahan!

We were thankful that he agreed to take us after finishing his morning duck hunt. He’s a busy man! We had a few obstacles to overcome. Less than a few miles sway from our pick-up destination there was a gas leak and the road was blocked. We called Robby and he saved the day by coming to pick us up in the boat (18 mile trip by boat). We got a late start as a result, and it was very windy, and overcast, so I was ocncerned that we might not have a good experience. Was I wrong! If anyone can get it done, Captain Trahan can!!

We fought the wind, but the fish didn’t seem to mind. We had so much fun and caught a ton of fish! Robby didn’t even charge me extra for getting my fishing line caught in his motor or losing 4 of his lures! : ) Over all, the trip was well worth the money, and something we will do again and again!!
: )

Mari Gossett









Father’s Day Weekend in 2008, was the best weekend for me and my step-son. We had the adventure of a life time. This was the first time for Hunter to go on a trip like this. We caught lots of fish, and he had lots that he had to put up a good fight for. I think that if it is possible this is something I would like to do every year. It was so much fun to just watch him and see the excitement in his face. So, Robby if you can put us down for this year……………………

Tully Roberts
Vidalia LA











I wanted to write and thank you Capt Robby of Bayou Guide Service for an excellent guided trip to get after the trout. It is not the first Guided trip to Sabine for Reds, Flounder &Trout and it certainly won’t be my last.  Whether the conditions are excellent or fair Capt Robby can find and put us on the fish.  The service is great and it feels as if I’ve known him for years because there is the extra southern hospitality touch on the trip and the experience can not be rivaled.  Fishing under the birds, drifting the reefs, or hammering the jettings and bayous the fishing is great and I can’t wait to get back on water and put some more fish in the boat. Thank you for a great trip and an awesome experience, I would reccommend you to all my friends if they are interested in doing some bay fishing in this area.